Aroma File Manager APK

Aroma File Manager APK is a recovery file manager application that authorizes users to access and manage files on their Android phones in recovery mode.
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18 Apr, 2024
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Android 4.0 and above
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Hello everyone, Welcome back to another compelling post. In this informative post, we are sharing an extremely valuable application. It will allow users to manage & organize their files precisely and efficiently handily. The APK is prominent among Android users due to its premium features and functions. Aroma File Manager APK is a recovery file manager application that authorizes users to access and manage files on their Android phones in recovery mode.

The basic function of this application is to access and modify files when you have completely wiped your phone. Similarly, it is a flashable Zip cwm app that comes with a decent user interface and dramatic abilities. This app can be used to perform basic file manager functions such as copy, cut, delete, add new folders, etc. Further, the app supports a terminal inbuilt app that can be used to execute Linux commands while you are in recovery mode.

To install and use this CWM-based file manager app, you need to provide some common specifications like, you need a Custom CWM recovery installed on your Android phone. Secondly, you must back up your important data before performing any function.

Features of Aroma File Manager APK:

Here are some friendly supported features of this File Manager APK. You can get access to these features after installing the APK on your device.

Recover Custom Files:

Aroma File Manager is an Award-winning CWM-based File Manager application. This App helps Android users to recover and restore their Custom Files easily. The APK is highly customizable and comes with premium features to enhance the performance of the phone.

Supports Themes and Languages:

Another dramatic feature of this application is the collection of themes and languages. It features multiple themes, font sizes & styles, and supports multiple languages. Thus APK is compatible with all Android devices.

Easy to Use:

The Android application is easy to use. Simply, install the App on the SD Card of your phone. After installation, open the app, go to the recovery section, and perform your functions. Thus, you can also find this option in the settings or Data/System directory.

Access System Files:

Another interesting feature of this application is the access to system files in recovery mode. Likewise, it supports multiple recovery mode formats including, TWRP, Philz, and CWM recovery modes.

Unlock Pattern Lock:

This file mode allows you to edit system files and delete pattern locks, it will quickly remove the pattern lock from your Phone. It is a good option to choose Aroma File Manager APK which brings improvement in file management and organizes your files more comfy. The useful application will let you copy, write, paste, and delete files. It is a zip file program, you can download and also copy to your mobile phone.

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How to Unlock Android Patterns Using AROMA File Manager?

The Aroma File Manager app comes with multiple methods to unlock and reset Android patterns. However, to perform this function, your Android phone must be Rooted and Bootloader Unlocked. You can’t install a Custom Recovery Like, CWM, Philz, etc. When you haven’t unlocked the Android phone’s bootloader.

  • First, Download and Install the Aroma File Manager ZIP from the direct download link.
  • Then, go to your Recovery and Flash the ZIP File. You can get help from various tutorials online to Flash a ZIP File.
  • After flashing the File, the recovery file will open.
  • Next, go to the Menu>Settings>Automount all devices on startup.’
  • Now, Exit the Aroma File Manager and Flash it again.
  • Then, Find a file with the name ‘Gesture Keys’ located in Data/System.
  • Next, delete the file and reboot your Android phone.
  • After boosting your phone, it will ask for a pattern to draw.
  • Simply, draw any pattern, and your phone will open.
  • Finally, you can to go Settings>Security and draw your pattern.


The above unlocking method may not work on all Android devices. In addition, to perform the unlocking process, your Android phone must be Rooted and Bootloader unlocked.

What’s New in AROMA File Manager ZIP 2.00?

  • All Known Bugs are fixed.
  • App size is reduced.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Unlock your Android device.
  • Manage and organize your files.
  • Edit, copy, paste, delete files, and restore custom files
  • The app functionality is improved.


Undoubtedly, Aroma File Manager is a safe application to perform multiple k on your device. It is a reliable source to unlock and manage applications on your Android device. Likewise, it performs multiple functions on your device. Get the App and explore its dramatic features without facing any issues. The App is free to download and does not require any subscription fees.

FAQs about Aroma File Manager APK:

Is Aroma File Manager truly Work?

Yes, Aroma File Manager is an award-winning Android application. It is an accurate and 100% workable application setup. The application is compatible with all Android versions and accurately lets users extract their pattern locks and also perform other functions.

Is it Safe to Use Aroma File Manager APK?

Aroma File Manager is one of the popular and high-search ratio application packages. It is an Android application so it will not corrupt or harm your files. The file manager does not have any back-draws and supports MSMFB overlay.

Which is the No.1 File Manager for Android?

Files by Google. It is the cleanest, safest, and 100% trusted file manager in the world. It is available for many Android devices and runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.