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Full Reader APK is a must-have choice for those users who want to read ebooks or view other documents in multiple formats.
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7 Apr, 2024
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Hello Friends, Welcome back to another informative post. Introducing, Full Reader APK, it is a worthwhile reader for all mobile devices. The APK is compatible with many popular formats such as epub, fb2, doc, rtf, txt, mobi, HTML, mobi, pdf, djvu, xps, cbz, zip archives, etc. Similarly, Full Reader is one of the modified applications for Android devices that can read all main formats of ebooks including audiobooks in mp3 format, magazines, comics, and documents. So, download the Full Reader from the Google Play Store.

Full Reader APK (Main Built-in options):

Built-in File Manager:

The utility Android application provides access to those areas in which ebooks are supported formats stored on your Android devices. In addition, you can create folders of these items, rename, move, share, edit, copy, delete, and delete ebooks.

Cloud Storage Support:

FullReader App allows users to connect their files to Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox. Users of this app can readily save their files there and download them on their Android devices when they need to.

Network Libraries Support:

Users can add OPDS directories for the app to connect to their collections, search, and download ebooks.

Audiobooks Support:

Another important feature of the FullReader App for Android is that it supports MP3 Files and is easily used for both ebooks and audiobooks. Therefore, you don’t need to download additional players on the device to listen to audiobooks. The APK will manage all types efficiently.

Text to Speech:

With this app, users can read any type of text. There are multiple options to select the voice, tone, speed, and language. Moreover, the timer for reading aloud is available in the app.

Page Customization:

FullReader APK provides various options to adjust and modify the pages according to the user’s preference. The APK offers various fonts and backgrounds to completely alter the look.

Bookmarks and Notes:

The FullReader App provides access to add bookmarks for all ebooks including, audiobooks. Moreover, your books and notes will be distributed in diverse sections on the main menu.

Editable Toolbar:

There are additional tools available in the app to perform certain tasks which are provided at the bottom of the book’s page window. The search in Text Tool will allow you to find your content quickly. Similarly, the Screen Brightness level will help users to adjust their screen brightness while reading.

Supported File Formats-Full Reader APK:

Full Reader is well-known for its supported file formats which I have briefly described below.

  • Ebooks: ePub, fb2, and mobi.
  • Comics: cbr and cbz.
  • Documents: txt, PDF, doc, rtf, DjVu, DjV, HTML, htm, xps, oxps, and odt.
  • Archives: rar, zip, and 7z.
  • Audio: MP3.

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What’s New in Full Reader APK v4.3.6?

  • The application is updated to Full Reader APK V4.3.6.
  • The latest setup supports OneDrive and Dropbox Cloud Services.
  • Fixed issues related to choosing a custom locale.
  • Optimized the TTS Module.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • The latest setup is free to download.
  • Compatible with all Android devices.
  • And many other features are also included.

How to Install and Use the Full Reader APK on Android?

The process is quite easy to install and use on your Android phone. Just follow the below steps carefully.

  • First, Download the App from the above direct download link.
  • Then, go to the downloads menu and click on the downloaded file.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and install the app on your device.
  • Simply, launch the app and open the app on your phone.
  • After that, open the app.
  • Enjoy.


Doubtlessly, the Full Reader APK is a must-have choice for those users who want to read ebooks or view other documents in multiple formats. The APK supports multiple formats and lots of customization options. Moreover, it supports additional tools that will help you to manage the libraries conveniently and make your reading progress efficiently. Download and Enjoy the Tool.