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This app is similar to the official YouTube App but it offers additional features which make it a top-notch application for YouTube users.
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25 Feb, 2024
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Hello, Welcome to another informative post. Introducing the Cercube IPA Download for iOS, it is a third-party modified application for the iOS YouTube App. The remarkable application is well-known for its useful features and functions that are missing in the official YouTube App. With this App, iOS users can download YouTube videos, play videos using Picture-to-Picture mode, ads block, and many other features.

This app is similar to the official YouTube App but it offers additional features which make it a top-notch application for YouTube users. In this short post, we will show you how to install and use the App using Altstore, Cydia, and other third-party resources. The best thing about this app is that it is completely free to download on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

Features of Cercube IPA Download:

Cercube IPA is a must-have application for iOS users to enhance their YouTube experience. The application features classified and premium functions which I have described below. On the other hand, the latest version is optimized, upgraded, and updated which offers new features.

Download Videos To 4K Quality:

The Cercube IPA Download is not only used to download YouTube videos on your device. Thus, you can choose video quality up to 4K resolution.

Block Ads:

YouTube’s official app offers a premium feature to block Ads and download videos to enhance a seamless user experience. But, the Cercube App provides this remarkable feature for free. Yes, you can block Ads and download videos without purchasing the premium version of YouTube.

Convert Videos to Audio:

If you want to convert your downloaded video into Audio format, then this fabulous feature will help you do that. The feature is available in this dramatic application which allows iOS users to download their YouTube videos and convert them to Audio format.

Picture-to-Picture mode:

This interesting feature lets iOS users keep watching their videos while using other apps on their iDevices.

Auto-replay Videos:

Another thrilling feature of this application is that you can replay your videos in Auto mode. Simply, set the Auto-replay option and watch back-to-back non-stop videos.

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How to Install the Cercube IPA Download With AltStore?

Follow the below instructions to Install the Tool on your iOS device using the AltStore.

  • First, Download the AltStore on your iOS device.
  • If you have installed the original YouTube App, then uninstall the App on your iDevice.
  • Next, Download and Install the Cercube IPA Download on your Device. We suggest you download the App from iOS Safari.
  • Then, tap on the download menu and locate the downloaded file of Cercube.
  • Click on the Cercube IPA and open the app.
  • Now, share the Cercube IPA App with Altstore. To do that, simply open the App and press the share icon in the top right corner. Then, choose the Altstore from the share sheet.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds, the Altstore app will be opened and start the installation process.
  • Once the app is successfully installed, it will appear under the Active list in the My Apps Tab.
  • That’s it. Visit the Home Screen, the YouTube icon should be present there.
  • Open the App and Enjoy its premium features.

How to Install Cercube with Cydia on a Jailbroken iPhone or iPad?

If you have owned a Jailbreak iPhone or iPad phone, then you can efficiently download and use the tool. Simply, follow the below guidelines.

  • First of all, open the Cydia and go to the Source Tab.
  • Click on the Edit Tab, then select Add.
  • Simply, enter the URL: (https://apt.alfhaily.me).
  • Next, Press the Add Source Button.
  • Wait for some time to load all the packages from the new repo.
  • Once it is completed, open the search bar and search for “Cercube” and open it.
  • Next, tap on the install button in the top right corner to install the Cercube Tweak on your device.
  • That’s it. After its installation, open the YouTube App and access its wonderful features.
  • Enjoy.


Cercube IPA Download is a remarkable application for iOS Users to enhance their YouTube user experience. With its premium collection of features, users can download videos, enable picture-to-picture mode, 4K Quality resolution, and use other premium features. Moreover, the modified app will convert Videos to Audio format, Block Ads, and also suggest multiple benefits. So, download the App from the given direct download link and enjoy its premium benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Manage Cercube Settings?

To access and manage Cercube settings, tap on the gear icon at the top right corner of the YouTube App.

How I will download Videos and Audio with Cercube?

Simply, open your preferred video or audio on the app. Then, a download icon appears below the video and is labeled “Cercube”. Simply, tap on the icon, select the format, and resolution according to your preference.

What is the perfect Cercube Repo For Cydia?

The Cydia repo URL for Cercube is https://apt.alfhaily.me/

Does Cercube Need only Jailbreak devices?

No, the Cercube IPA is compatible with both Jailbroken and Non-Jailbroken iDevices.

How to Delete Cercube?

Simply, long press on the App icon and click on the Remove App option.