Ribak Android Unlock Tool

It is a free but powerful GSM Tool that works with ADB and Fastboot Mode. This remarkable tool supports both AUTH Flash MTK and Qualcomm Android devices.
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30 Apr, 2024
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Hello Friends, welcome to another informative post. In this short article, we are introducing the Ribak Android Unlock Tool. It is a free but powerful GSM Tool that works with ADB and Fastboot Mode. This remarkable tool supports both AUTH Flash MTK and Qualcomm Android devices. After installing the Tool, users can Remove the FRP, Remove Mi Cloud Account with a new method, Remove Oppo/Realme ID, Fix Vivo Demo devices, and perform additional functions with just a single click.

Ribak Unlock Tool is well-known for its creative user interface, making it very easy to operate its functions. The Tool is highly qualified and supports advanced methods to unlock Android phones. The process is quite easy to install the Tool and perform several functions. Simply, download the Tool from the given direct link, install the setup, and connect your phone to your Windows computer. The Tool will auto-detect and unlock your phone.

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Main Functions of Ribak Android Unlock Tool:

The software tool comes with several features and built-in functions which I have briefly described below. Make sure to read the features and explore unique methods to unlock your Android phone safely.

Ribak Android Unlock Tool

MediaTek Functions:

  • Factory Format.
  • Safe Format para, Misc.
  • Erase Data.
  • FRP universal.
  • FRP Samsung.
  • Bypass Mi Cloud.
  • Bypass Mi Cloud Redmi Note 2 3.4.
  • ID Huawei Bypass.
  • Bypass Oppo and Realme ID.
  • Flyme Accounts 1, 2.

Unlock Demo:

  • VIVO Demo.
  • Oppo and Realme Demo.
  • Asus Demo.

Unlock Bootloader:

  • Unlock Bootloader Universal.
  • Relock Bootloader Universal.

New Security:

  • Erase User data.
  • Remove FRP.
  • Remove Mi Cloud New.
  • Remove ID Oppo and Realme.
  • Fix Demo Vivo.
  • Factory Reset.


  • Connect Meta.
  • Factory Format.
  • Safe Format Universal.
  • Safe Format Oppo, Vivo, Realme, etc.
  • FRP Universal.
  • Fix Baseband Oppo, Vivo, and Realme.
  • Fix Signal Oppo, Vivo, and Realme.
  • Reboot Meta.

MTK Universal:

  • Scatter select.
  • Custom DA.
  • Custom Preloader.
  • Crash Preloader to BROM.
  • Read, Erase, Write, and Flash.

Qualcomm Functions:

  • Safe format.
  • Factory Format.
  • FRP old method.
  • FRP new method.
  • FRP Bypass Samsung.
  • Bypass Mi Cloud.

Additional Functions:

  • Custom Loader.
  • Complete device information.
  • Mi Flash.
  • Wipe EFS.
  • Auto Loader.
  • Loader OPPO.
  • Loader Xiaomi.
  • Loader VIVO.

Unlock New Security (VIVO):

  • Factory Reset.
  • FRP.
  • Wipe EFS.
  • Unlock Bootloader.

Unlock New Security (OPPO):

  • Factory Reset.
  • FRP.
  • Wipe EFS.

New Security Unlock (Xiaomi):

  • Factory Reset.
  • FRP.
  • Wipe EFS.
  • Unlock Bootloader.
  • Relock Bootloader.
  • Unlock Mi Cloud.

Flashing (Service):

  • Auto Loader-Firehose.
  • Load patch.xml-patch.
  • Load raw or partition XML.

Additional Functions:

  • Check Status Mi Cloud.
  • Auto Reboot.
  • Factory Reset.
  • Show all partitions.
  • Read GPT.
  • Mi Tools.
  • Patching persists.
  • Patching Modem method 1 and 2.

ADB Functions:

  • Read the info and ADB New info.
  • ADB Command.
  • APK.
  • Remove Bloatware Vivo.
  • Bypass FRP 1 and 2.
  • Coolpad Exit Fastboot Mode.
  • Remove update Oppo and Vivo.
  • Check Root.
  • ADB Diag mode.
  • ADB Diag Rooted and No Rooted.
  • Super Diag No Rooted.
  • Bypass and Disable Mi Cloud.
  • Fix the waiting Debugger.
  • Remove update Samsung.
  • Sony Bypass Anti-theft.
  • Magisk APK install.
  • Remove EFS in Rooted.
  • Uninstall the Vivo Daemon service.
  • Bloatware Mi Global.
  • Remove Bloatware Mi CN.


  • Mi assistant mode 2022 read info.
  • Sideload remove Mi Cloud or FRP.
  • Sideload Reboot normal.
  • Sideload Reboot recovery.
  • MTP Open YouTube.
  • MTP open Browser.
  • Sideload Unlock Bootloader.
  • Disable DM Verity 1.
  • Disable DM Verity 2.
  • Universal Boot Patcher.
  • Sideload Flash ZIP.


  • Universal Mi.
  • Mi Os 6 and 7 Bypass.
  • Mi Os 8 Bypass.
  • Mi Os 9,10,11 Bypass.
  • Fix Wi-Fi and Sensors of all devices.
  • Universal Bypass Mi Cloud New Method.
  • Fastboot info.

Fastboot Utility (Services):

  • Select partition.
  • Search file.
  • Reboot after executing.
  • Erase boot only.
  • Format after executing.
  • Boot recovery rollback.
  • Flash recovery rollback.
  • Select partition erase.
  • Execute.
  • Browse.
  • Bypass ARB.
  • Boot Recovery.
  • Flash.

Mi Flash:

  • Info.
  • Flash.
  • Reboot bootloader.
  • Boot to recovery.
  • Reboot to ADB.
  • Bypass Anti.
  • Format After Flash.
  • And many other features.

How to Use the Ribak Android Unlock Tool?

  • First, download the ZIP File from the direct download link.
  • Next, unzip all the files on Drive C.
  • Make sure to disable the Antivirus before starting the installation process.
  • Then, open the setup folder and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Next, Run the “Ribak Android Tool.exe” on your computer.
  • That’s it. Your Tool is ready to perform functions.

PC Compatibility:

  • Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Download Ribak Android Unlock Tool (V3.0.0.0):

We have shared the direct download link to download the Ribak Android Unlock Tool V3.0.0.0 in this short article. This software tool performs different operations which I have briefly described above. So, if you want to perform these functions, then download the Tool on your computer. However, before running the tool, disable the Antivirus option, backup data, and download the exact USB Driver for your Android device.